Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy superbien

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Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy superbien

Message par uromed81 le Mer 15 Juil - 22:20

Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy

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Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy
Georg Thieme Verlag (March 10, 2004) | 282 pages | PDF

This brilliant pocket guide helps you to grasp the connection between
three-dimensional organ systems and their two-dimensional
representation in ultrasound imaging.

Through dynamic illustrations and clarifying text, it allows you
to: - Recognize, name, and confidently locate all organs, landmarks,
and anatomical details of the abdomen -Examine all standard planes,
including transverse and longitudinal scans for regions of sonographic
interest (including the thyroid gland) - Understand topographic
relationships of organs and structures in all three spatial planes This
invaluable text is ideal for the beginner, providing a rapid
orientation to all key topics.

It includes: - Over 250 fully labeled image quartets, each
showing: the preferred location of the transducer on the body; the
resulting image; a labeled drawing of the image, keyed to anatomic
structures; and a small 3-D drawing showing the location of the
scanning plane in the organ. - Body markers with information on
transducer handling and positioning for each sonogram - Over 250 rules
of thumb and key concepts - All relevant landmarks, measurable
parameters, and normal values Packed with beautiful graphics and
precise text, this is the essential resource that anyone involved in
ultrasound radiography needs.

Free Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy


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