Imaging in SARS

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Imaging in SARS

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Imaging in SARS

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ISBN: 1841102199
Publisher : Greenwich Medical Media
Author: A. T. Ahuja, C. G. C. Ooi

Severe acute respiratory syndrome
(SARS) is a devastating disease and although the virus would appear to
have been contained, it is clear that the impact it has had around the
world, and could have again in the future, is immense. Hong Kong
has been significantly impacted in the recent SARS outbreak, and
clinicians and researchers alike have gained a lot of experience in
dealing with the disease
at short notice. This new book aims to be a state-of-the art update on
SARS, with particular reference to imaging, which plays a crucial role
in the diagnosis, management and follow-up of patients with the disease
(it is widely accepted that SARS patients cannot be managed without
imaging and it is included in the WHO's own list of diagnostic criteria
for the disease). The book will also provide a perspective on the treatment and experience of the disease outside Hong Kong.

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