la medecine chinoise

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la medecine chinoise

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A Guide to Chinese Medicine on the Internet

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ISBN: 078903199X
Publisher : Routledge
Author: Ka wai Fan

Learn about the latest developments in Chinese medicine Traditional Chinese medicines such as acupuncture, herbal therapies, and Qigong have long played an important role in preventing diseases and prolonging life. A Guide to Chinese Medicine on the Internet
frees readers from having to sift through the countless web sites on
their own to find up-to-date, quality, reliable information on these
and more types of Chinese medicine.
This handy source provides a categorized listing of online sites
related to Chinese culture and medicine, and helpfully includes a brief
description of each site's content. Guidelines are provided for
searching, cataloging, and evaluating web sites concerned with Chinese medicine based on the author's personal experience as a user and researcher. Renowned Chinese medicine authority Dr. Ka Wai Fan took two years of diligent work to compile A Guide to Chinese Medicine on the Internet.
He painstakingly provides readers with a comprehensive, current listing
of personally-researched high quality web sites and information. The
author also discusses in detail how to best evaluate web sites, the
basic terms within Chinese medicine, and the classification of web sites. This extensive resource is an important reference tool for anyone researching Chinese medicine. Web listings provided in A Guide to Chinese Medicine on the Internet include: important portals and Web sites covering general information crucial organizations involved in Chinese medicine web site listings to access specific libraries and unique resources listings for schools dealing with Chinese medicine journal listings explaining specific aspects of Chinese medicine
extensive lists of databases, bibliographies, and electronic texts
vital for research web sites listing Chinese history and philosophy A
Guide to Chinese Medicine on the Internet is an invaluable resource for librarians, educators, students, and experts in Chinese medicine and complementary and alternative medicine.

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A Chinese Physician: Wang Ji and the Stone Mountain Medical Case Histories (Needham Research Institute Series)

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ISBN: 0415297583
Publisher : RoutledgeCurzon
Author: Joanna Grant

A Chinese Physician is the portrait of a
16th century medical writer and clinical practitioner. Three
methodologies - loosely termed socio-economic/biographic, textual
analysis, and gender analysis - and a variety of sources, from
hagiographical biographies to medical case histories, are used to tell
three very different but complementary stories about what it was to
practise medicine in 16th century China. Woven together, these stories
combine to create a multi-dimensional portrayal that brings to life the
very human experiences, frustrations and aspirations of a well
respected and influential physician
who yet struggled to win respect from fellow practitioners and loyalty
from patients. In so doing, the book creates a vibrant and colourful
picture of contemporary medical practice that at the same time deepens
our understanding of the interrelationship between gender culture and

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Current Review of Chinese Medicine: Quality Control of Herbs And Herbal Material (Annals of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

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ISBN: 9812567070
Publisher : World Scientific Publishing Company

The second volume of this book series on the modern practice of Chinese medicine
continues with the focus on evidence-based TCM research. It is focused
on detailed information about the best sources of herbal supply and its
quality control required for research and drug development purposes.
Herbal quality has always been a major concern for TCM researchers
because it is difficult to know which is of the best quality. Some
other popular topics are also entertained.

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La superstition est l'art de se mettre en règle avec les coïncidences.

[Jean Cocteau]


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